Municipal Law

Quincy H. Arms

Cynthia L. Cartledge

Michael R. Gatti

Max D. Holmquist

We provide prompt answers to complex municipal law issues. We represent cities, boroughs and unified municipalities in all facets of the ever changing menu of issues confronting municipalities in the contemporary business and policy environment. We understand the importance of the role of process in municipal practice. This awareness, coupled with a thorough understanding of the substantive attributes of municipal law issues enables us to provide our clients with a thorough analytical framework to work through the constitutional, statutory and common law guidance affecting local governments on a regular basis. We are sensitive to the need for the public’s confidence in its municipal officials and institutions. With that objective in mind, we can assist municipalities in navigating the complex and technical aspects of ethics and conflicts of interest that are so critical to ensuring that municipal objectives are met in an efficient, economic and comprehensive fashion so that the public may be confident that the integrity of the process has not been compromised.

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