Public Finance

Cynthia L. Cartledge

Michael R. Gatti

Our practice in the public finance area is extensive. We have served as bond and disclosure counsel on public finance transactions involving public agency and government issuers on both state and local levels. Members of the firm have worked with virtually all issuers in the State of Alaska. As a leader in the field of public finance law in Alaska, we offer bond counsel and disclosure counsel services for general obligation bonds, revenue bonds, tax-exempt, and taxable bonds. We represent bond issuers in negotiations with underwriters, providers of credit enhancement, and bond rating agencies. We also represent underwriters and trustees involved in public finance transactions. We provide legal interpretation, guidance regarding compliance with trust indentures, resolutions, and issues that may arise with regard to federal and state laws, legislation, regulations, litigation, administrative proceedings, or other matters related to issuance of debt obligations. Our public finance attorneys routinely work with federal tax statutes, regulations, and rulings to resolve arbitrage, rebate, and other federal tax questions for issuers.

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