JDO: support and teamwork

JDO: support and teamwork

The representation of school districts requires accessibility to clients on a daily basis, through emails, phone calls, and meetings. Requests for advice and assistance are frequent and constant. Bargaining and arbitrations take time away from the office. It is very difficult to balance those requirements with any major litigation, which requires large blocks of time for depositions, trial preparation, trials, etc.

There was a point in my practice when I could not keep up with the daily demands of approximately 15 school district clients, and also be responsible for the representation of one school district in the litigation of a large and complex construction claim brought by the contractor on a new high school construction project.

I met with one of my partners, explained my situation, and he and others quickly and efficiently took over the lawsuit, using me as a resource both as to knowledge of the facts, and for trial strategy. It was a seamless transition very acceptable to the client. It made me especially appreciative of the support I received by the teamwork of this firm.

Saul Friedman

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